7 September - 1 October 2011

Gesture is an exhibition that has developed from my last 3 years of work. It is simple in its premise but hopefully complex in its outcomes: activating painting to operate in fields other than just the aesthetic areas we are used to.
The gesture for me is a simple fundamental humanist sign. It can be flippant, laboured, tongue in cheek or directly political All the works are based around the simplicity and directness of the gesture: whether this be a formal painting, social or politically based gesture. The works in this show range from the random to the social and political and the throw away. They are about the need to paint. 
The gestures can be cliché, they can be throw away or can operate solely as sign. Complex readings are seen as the realm of the audience for me the works are about labour; the use of paint, colour, form and composition. They nod to a humanism that to me is the realm of painting; a direct response between the hand, paint and the audience.
Bill Riley 2011