6 October - 5 November 2011

Our current exhibition features recent works in bronze, ceramic and wax by two Auckland based sculptors; father and son - Greer and Toby Twiss.

Greer Twiss has been creating innovative and thought-provoking sculptures for over fifty years. Greer’s most recent series of works titled ‘Victory Revisited’ evolved from his long standing preoccupation with iconic monuments; in this case The Winged Victory of Samothrace (Nike) circa 220-185 BC.

Greer’s son Toby Twiss is a sculptor with a growing reputation currently working in bronze and ceramics. His works talk about the human body and its relationship with itself and other bodies in a figurative manner. Toby’s practice is founded on the increasingly rare traditional skills of representational sculpture. These skills allow him to draw people in through their recognition of ‘real’ forms in the work, and from there, initiate experience of the works as quiet, pure, aesthetic and sensual. His themes are deliberately personal and domestic in focus, exploring family, relationships and intimacy and the complex pleasures and tensions they give rise to.